Start a new brand, refresh an existing one, or initiate an important product or service-line campaign. Our proprietary, five-step process begins with both quantitative and qualitative research. Then, we add in detailed competitor analysis, industry trending, and consumer polling. Next—and this is our favorite part—we dive into your organization’s front-line employee and executive teams to (re)discover the unique, authentic essence of your brand.


Alas, we get artsy! Our team creates compelling visuals and messaging that resonate with your audience. It's your story—where you’ve been and where you’re going.

A Brand Story


In 2019, Florence Bank wanted to boost brand integrity in their marketplace. They felt it was important to celebrate the community, create an impact, and showcase the marketplace.


Goals of the project:


  • Grow deposits and increase the number of checking accounts
  • Support local market growth.
  • Introduce Florence Bank with clear, fun, and engaging messaging.
  • Create a brand campaign that is familiar and friendly to those who know them. Create intrigue and interest for those that don’t.
  • Continue to support and develop hard-working programs that celebrate community.
  • Introduce new products and existing to customers.


STA learned that the people of Western, Massachusetts would respond  to a community bank that was lighthearted and showed genuine  connection to community, local business, colleagues, and lifetime events

 “ONE HOME” - TV SPOT 2020 Launch premiered locally during Super Bowl and continued on local news. The spot was also placed on connected TV and used at pre-roll in the local market.