Advertise Smarter


At STA, we believe that In order to advertise smarter, it's crucial to understand your brand's current status.


We've cornered the market by cornering consumers, LITERALLY!


We conduct Intercept interviews in specific locations where your current and potential consumers live, work, and bank. With a customized set of questions, we hit the streets.


The result is a short video depicting precisely what consumers believe
about your industry and what they know about your brand. This process helps guide STA in the development of creative, messaging and placement of your advertising.


Know the Details


Being creative means we're a little bit nerdy too. We love data.

Compiling numerical data along with psychographic information gives
us a complete picture of your audience. Once we understand their personalities, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles, we can create a plan and communicate with them more effectively.


As Savings Bank of Danbury explored expanding beyond the Connecticut border, it seemed that a name change might be imminent. However, we learned that changing their name—which they had for nearly two centuries—could have caused an uproar with the community, their customers, employees and potential customers. Knowledge is definitely power and we leave nothing to chance.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research